Celsia System

Our mission is to design, develop and manufacture market leading heating controls products and solutions enabling end users total control of their heating and comfort level, with both manufacturers and installers in mind.

The Celsia System does just that; it enables completely wireless zone control for single or multiple zones. It combines a battery powered thermostat with a receiver control PCB integrated within the heating appliance.

Using low power radio, it remotely and precisely controls the temperature in rooms or zones throughout a building, making the heating system more cost efficient and attractive to customers overall.

System features and benefits

  • Precision temperature control for Single or Multiple Zones.
  • Because they are truly wireless, Celsia thermostats can be located well away from heaters, direct sunlight and other heat sources.
  • Celsia thermostats are easy to install – without an electrician and without making a mess. The thermostat clips on to a back plate that is mounted to the wall so it won’t be warmed by being handled either.
  • Celsia thermostats are battery powered and because we’ve designed them using extremely efficient electronics and microprocessors that run highly optimised code, they boast a long battery life with normal AA or AAA alkaline batteries.
  • Celsia thermostats can be connected to any number of heaters within up to 30m range depending on the building and surrounding objects by following a simple connection sequence described in the user guide.
  • The Celsia System uses the 433 MHz frequency (avoiding the popular 2.4GHz frequency) meaning products that use, for example, WiFi or Bluetooth, won’t interfere with it. This frequency is also better for penetrating plasterboard walls and masonry.