OEM Partnerships

At A M Bromley our technical know-how sets us apart and we are always looking for innovative ways to solve our customers problems.

So, what if you can combine heater control and wireless receiver in one PCB?

With celsia you can. What’s more we’ll design and supply one to meet the requirements of your specific electric heater – typically in just a few days.

The Celsia System uses a single combined PCB that can be controlled by any Celsia Zone control thermostat. Combining these 2 functions saves costs compared to standard systems where the receiver unit is typically separate and needs to be wired between the power supply and the appliance itself.

Standard Celsia PCB

Most of our customers use our general-purpose PCB. It is customisable to meet the requirements of many different heaters and has the following features:

  • 240V AC supply
  • Triac zero voltage switching
  • Up to 2 heater loads, overall maximum 16A
  • One low-power load such as a fan
  • LED status indicator
  • Overall temperature cut-out reporting
  • 3 general purpose I/O

We tailor the software in the PCB to the requirements of your heater. For example the load switching method will depend on load size, number of loads and physical configuration. The general-purpose inputs allow us to add a wide variety of features such as surface temperature limiting, external switches, control knobs, mode selection jumper-links and occasionally requirements such as lamp dimming.

We can populate some components of the PCB to your requirements. For example different customers require different I/O connectors and the LED can be fitted in a variety of positions.

Bespoke Applications

Where there are special or unusual requirements that cannot be met by the standard PCB, our experienced designers will design a bespoke PCB for you. Requirements might include:

  • Custom physical shape
  • Special custom functions or ratings not supported by the standard PCB
  • Simplified PCB not requiring many of the standard PCB’s features