Celsia Zone Controller 1

A feature-rich, battery powered 7-day programmable thermostat offering individual homeowners precise zone control to help reduce energy costs.

System features and benefits

Key Features

  • Precision room temperature control
  • Electronically programmable
  • Able to control any number of heaters
  • Truly wireless, wall mounted and easy to install
  • Displays target and actual temperature, time and day of the week
  • Single button temperature adjustment
  • 7 day program with 6 time periods per day
  • Option to display 12h or 24 clock
  • Option to display °C or °F
  • Temperature range from 4°C to 30°C
  • Frost protection at 4°C

Additional program features

  • Holiday – turns the appliance off (frost protection)
  • Boost – turns the appliance 100% on for between 15 mins to 4 hrs.
  • Advance – advances to the next program step
  • Setback – turns the target temperature down by 5°C