Celsia Zone Controller 3

A landlord-set, wireless thermostat, this controller gives the occupant the ability to make temperature adjustments via an intuitive user interface. If the occupant does not adjust it, the temperature reverts to the 24-hour program the landlord has specified.

It is the ideal application for hotels, student accommodation, offices, hospitals and nursing homes.

Occupant use

  • Easy button press up/down temperature adjustment that lasts until the next program step
  • Temperature range from ‘no heating’ to 28ºC
  • Automatic Time Set ensures super accurate clock display
  • Target and actual temperature display

Automatic Time Set (ATS)

The CZC3 has the additional advantage of Automatic Time Set which means the time is automatically set once the batteries are inserted. It resynchronises periodically so it stays accurate and is automatically updated after the clocks change in spring and autumn. For more information, refer to the User Guide. Turn up the heat on the competition. Contact us today.

Landlord/installer features

  • Precision room temperature control
  • Electronically programmable
  • Automatic Time Set for zero maintenance
  • Able to control any number of heaters
  • Truly wireless, wall mounted and easy to install
  • Option to display 12h or 24 clock
  • 24 hour program with 4 time periods per day letting you set any temperature at any time of day
  • Frost protection at 4ºC