If you need help using a Celsia system please see user questions.

If you are a manufacturer interested in integrating Celsia into your appliance please see OEM questions.

User Questions

Does Celsia Systems control all heating systems?

Celsia Systems is currently dedicated to the control of electric heating appliances. We do not currently supply systems to control domestic boilers for “wet” plumbed heating systems. However, we are continually developing new products so keep watching.

Where can I buy one?

Several electric heating appliance manufactures use the Celsia System. Please contact us for a list.

Why isn’t my heater coming on?

Heaters will not respond until a radio connection is established to the corresponding Celsia wireless thermostat. Every electric heating appliance our OEM partners manufacture and supply comes with a user guide. Please contact the heater manufacture for guidance or contact us directly.

How are the thermostats fixed to the wall?

The Celsia wireless thermostats are supplied complete with a wall mounting back plate that is fixed to the wall with two screws. The thermostat is then just clipped to this wall plate.

Can other Celsia controllers nearby affect my heaters?

It is very unlikely. Every Celsia thermostat has an identifying code. When you pair a heater you are teaching the heater to listen only for that unique code.

What is the battery life for Celsia thermostats?

The single and multizone Celsia wireless thermostats are all battery powered by either AA or AAA alkaline batteries. Both single zone thermostats and the multizone thermostats with display give a visual low battery warning. The Celsia Multizone web app also indicates the battery status and can give visual and audio alerts. Battery life is between 1 to 2 years, depending on the product.

How many zones can Celsia Multizone control?

10 zones. You can pair up to 10 Celsia Multizone thermostats to the Gateway. You can pair unlimited heaters to each thermostat.

What if I have more than 10 zones?

The Celsia Multizone system is expandable. You can add multiple Celsia Gateways to your online account. Each Gateway can control up to 10 Celsia Multizone thermostats.

Do I need anything special to use Celsia Multizone?

You will need an internet connection in the property you are controlling and a device to access the internet such as a Smartphone, tablet or PC. The Celsia Gateway plugs into your router. Once the Gateway is connected to the internet you go online to the SignIn page to create your secure Multizone account.

I have connected the Gateway, what next?

Once you have created your online account you can start configuring your heating control system by pairing the Celsia Multizone thermostats with the heaters and the Gateway. There is a full online help menu to help you. We are here to take your call if you need further help.

Is Celsia Multizone linked to IoT, Internet of Things?

The Celsia Multizone system is an internet based heating control system focusing on electric heating appliances. It allows up to 10 zones to be registered and programming and control to be done via a PC, Smartphone or tablet allowing you to remotely view and control your electric heating from anywhere on the internet.

Is Celsia Multizone a Smart Thermostat?

Yes, it is. The Celsia Multizone thermostats transmit temperature and program times to the internet via the Gateway. These transmissions are fully encrypted and secure. You can control your heating remotely so if you’re going to be late home then log on to your Multizone account and turn the heating down, off or delay the heating start time.

OEM Questions

What benefits are there for me?

There are a number of reasons why a wireless controlled electric heating system might be specified. For example, a difficult site for fitting pipes, no mains gas supply, client’s request for ‘hidden wires’, preference for the style of electric heating units, desire for true zone temperature control, and so on. Whatever the reason, manufacturers ready with a leading-edge product range will be able to satisfy the need and exceed the expectations of their customers. But until now, installing electric heating systems has often had the downside of cost and flexibility issues, for all the advantages that remote control offers. Celsia is a new wireless heating appliance control system, developed by A M Bromley, for manufacturers, enabling them to offer zone-controlled systems based on their own heating products, very competitively.

Celsia provides manufacturers with the means to offer very high-quality competitive electric heating systems into this market. If you want a way in to new markets, to move up from offering single-appliance solutions, or simply something ‘different’ to talk about – take a look at Celsia.

Why is it different?

Celsia’s unique advantage is the customised PCB which we design and manufacturers fit. It is a combined appliance control and RF receiver so there is no need for a separate receiver unit. Celsia provides manufacturers with the means to offer very high-quality competitive electric heating systems into the wireless zone-control market.

Is it an off-the-shelf product?

The Celsia wireless thermostats are, but the receiver/appliance control PCBs are not. PCBs are designed specifically to control your products.

What does it cost?

The cost of the wireless thermostats are very competitive with other wireless thermostats on the market. The Celsia receiver/appliance control PCB is extremely competitive as you get the wireless receiver and appliance control in one PCB. We supply direct to OEMs so please contact us to discuss your appliance control requirements.

How is the PCB fitted?

The Celsia receiver/appliance control PCB is installed in the appliance at the manufacturing stage. It saves money in the following ways: Manufacturers need fit only one PCB to their heater, not a PCB and a receiver. There are fewer products to source and manage. Assembly is quicker.